Zeus III


"The Greek God Of Slots"


Introducing Zeus: The Father of Gods and Men

There has never been a bigger name associated with online slots than the Greek God Zeus. He who rules the sky and thunder has now taken up residency at CasinoEuro.com and all other slots best bow in his presence. The legend of Zeus is one for academics, but his name, reputation and iconography is universal. WMS and CasinoEuro.com have pulled off a major coup in bringing him to life in all his epic glory in a leading slots release on the 2013/2014 calendar, Zeus III.

King Of The Slots

WMS are one of the newer digital platform developers in online casino action and no sooner did they get started than they introduced the biggest names to the slots community. Zeus, Tutankhamun, Hercules, King Midas, Alexander The Great, Robin Hood, The Wizard Of Oz and Maverick from Top Gun

An interesting fact about WMS is that its founder, Harry Williams, first introduced the tilt mechanism to pinball machines and in doing so changed the history books. Nearly every diner and bar in the USA has a pinball machine and jukebox, with their popularity resting solely on the shoulders of giants, the creators of Zeus III! As family trees go, the story behind this slots game is impressive!

An Olympic Gold Winning Slots

The first ancient Olympics Ceremony took place partly in the Temple of Zeus and to this day Zeus still has an 'influence' over the Olympics, as evident in Usain Bolt and the lightning bolt pose. Who better then to release a storming new slots game at CasinoEuro.com?

Zeus III is the first slots game WMS have produced to feature their Reel Boost game engine. There are 6 reels and their arrangement is somewhat unique in a 7x6x5x4x3x2 left to right line up (see the pictures on the right of this screen). This left to right line up has 192 paylines, incredible! Designed for the true gamer and not just a cosmetic appreciator, Zeus III has many hidden layers and bonus features, including a 50 free spin bonus and 50x your stake on a 5 feature symbol line up being struck. 

In getting the 'wild reels' bonus, this game really lights up. Bigger wins start racking up, free spins go into overdrive and the reels flip from right to left as nudges and multipliers become heaven-sent. Landing a Zeus symbol on a reel nudge floods the entire reel with wild symbols, making it time to sit back and watch the credits light up the screen.

Truly Epic!

Zeus III is as good as mythic themed slots get, with its big payouts on win lines, free spins and multipliers, along with some very stylistic animation. This CasinoEuro.com slots is ideal for players looking for something a little different to the norm and also those who have played Zeus II on Facebook previously. Definitely taking its place in the history books, Zeus III is an all round winner to your ChipzUp.com review team. Play it now and go for gold at CasinoEuro.com!


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