South Park


"Join Cartman, Kenny and the gang"


Laugh a minute with the hilarious South Park slot!

The brilliant animated sitcom has joined the online slot world. There are 25 fixed bet lines on five separate reels with three rows. There is also the chance to gain many free spins and bonus games based on some of the most notable characters in the show.

To see the pay table you follow the clearly identifiable link and it will outline all the formulas required to win, from the regular symbols to the bonus features. You can control the level of each bet by adjusting the coin value and the autoplay feature will allow you to sit back and relax and watch as the spins roll off consecutively.


The great aspect of this game is the amount of bonuses that are able to be activated. Cartman and Kenny have the bonus games that involve you helping them in various situations, with both bonus games also providing the player with the chance to earn a multiplier and increase their winnings, they also require interaction with the player which is a good feature that gets you involved with the game.

There are free spins that are also up for grabs with the Stan bonus spins and Kyle bonus spins that can be activated during the game. The Stan spins are activated and Stan will puke on Wendy and create Sticky Wilds which increase your chance of winning. Whilst for the Kyle bonus, you are granted up to ten free spins. The fact that there are so many bonus options make this the standout aspect of the South Park slot and give you more chance of winning.


As you can tell from the bonus games, the four lads that are so popular in South Park are all heavily involved in the slots with images of them. As well as that, a humorous introductory video involving the characters is something that will appeal to the fans of the show and is a positive element to the slot. However, the graphics in the actual slot are fairly limited.


The South Park slot is here and it has many factors that make it appealing to the audience. With the bonus games, it gives the chance for the player to experience a lot of interaction with the game and the chance to benefit from a multiplier or free spins. With the bonus features the slot is easy to use and self-explanatory in terms of adjusting the level of each bet, which is important as it should let the player play without any confusion.

Overall, it is a solid slot that will appeal to the large fan base that is has used over the years, and for players who didn’t watch the show, they will still enjoy the chances of winning and the interaction that this game incorporates.


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