More Gold Diggin'


"Ain't Nothing But A Gold Digger!"



Gold! Gold! Gold!

More Gold Diggin', the new game from BetSoft Gaming, is the sequel to their popular Gold Diggers slots. Featuring a host of 'Yeehaw' yelping country folk with a penchant for digging for gold, this is the perfect game for lovers of Facebook's Candy Crush and an older slots machine game called Gonzo's Quest. With bright and well animated graphics, have hit paydirt with this new More Gold Diggin' 5 reel video slot.

X Marks The Spot

There are a lot of slots which require too much digging around and not enough reward for the players looking to be entertained and not overly challenged from a game. This is part of the secret to the success of Candy Crush, brash and bright colours with a universal theme of gold, diamonds and other sparkling jewels, all tumbling around with that therapeutic sound of stones and rocks banging together. Since the dawn of mankind, digging for treasure is a staple in our DNA, that need to uncover riches, the ongoing quest for the Holy Grail and long lost artifacts. More Gold Diggin' adds a large amount of tongue in cheek humour to this quest and sets the scene for a pair of miners (Jeb and Cletus) to transform their farming background into a penthouse pad for their love Daisy.

How Much Gold Can You Carry? are not one to shy away from big payouts on their slots and More Gold Diggin' is another fine example of a 5 reel game with 25 pay lines that pays out over 2 million credits. BetSoft Gaming are the brains behind the brawn of this slots, meaning that bonus features include their trademark multipliers, Free Spins, Scatters and Wild Symbols, all of which boost up player credits and add extra dynamic to gameplay.

Betsoft are also leading the field for 3D video slots and mobile gaming. If you are on a smartphone now or an iPad/tablet, try their games out now for free!

Fire In The Hole

More Gold Diggin's cascading reels improve gameplay and also look smooth on the screen, as they spin those chunks of gold, silver, diamonds and other as yet unknown jewels! When 3 sticks of dynamite (a Wild Symbol) appear in the reels, there is an explosion, as more jewels fall into the reel on view, giving players that added chance of a winning line or pay out bonus. On top of these explosions, multipliers are in play and quickly increase players' gold credit.

This slots is a good real money game to play as the bonuses, multipliers and double up opportunities do lead to very large payouts. It is also a lot of fun and the audio is funny and entertaining too. 

Are you ready to go diggin'?


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