Good Girl, Bad Girl


"It's Getting Hot In Here"



  • 100% up to €100 Welcome Bonus 
  • Silver/ Gold/ Platinum/ Diamond VIP Bonus 10 – 25%
  • £25 Send A Friend Bonus
  • 10% Happy Hour Bonus up to £150
  • Free Spins

Meet The Girls Next Door

It's not everyday a slots game comes along that leaves you a little hot under the collar, but 7Red have raised the temperature with Good Girl, Bad Girl and heads are being turned! Is this a game about Katy Perry or Beyonce? It could be, judging from their most recent video escapades and with no names being names, it certainly has a big diva attitude.

7Red Turn Up The Heat Some More!

7Red and their ambassador, Mike Tyson, are the online casino on the tip of tongues when quality, style and supreme jackpots are required from a gaming experience. Everything about 7Red screams glitz and glamour, as these girls know all too well and they are having a wild cat fight time trying to win the heart of the players passing by. Have they caught your attention enough yet?

Good Girls and Bad Girls All In 3D

Betsoft Gaming are pioneers in 3D slots, with some of the best games released in the last 12 months coming from their studios. Good Girl, Bad Girl is another notch in the bedpost for them to show that they are the brand to watch in 2014 for hot slots action. This 5 reel, 30 pay line spinner gives players the option of being the 'good girl' or the 'bad girl', with bonus features tied in to the characteristics typically associated with each. Betsoft must have been rolling in the aisles whilst developing this slot!

As you might expect, the bad girl rewards players with the bigger bonuses and an added risk element to their spin, compared to the good girl's safer stake and lower pay out lines. That however is by the by, for once the game begins, time flies and those 'click me' bonuses are enough to lure a married man into a whole world of exciting trouble. Hit three or more 'money wheel' symbols and you could be driving around with the top down and a host of femme fatales purring their way closer to you.

The Real X-Factor

The music for this game was never going to be classical and the heavy rock sounds that pump from the speakers add that extra 'babe' element to proceedings. Sunday drivers need not click 'play now', nor should those who blush easily. Good Girl, Bad Girl gives players a 50/50 option of with whom to play and whether the doubling up bonuses is something your pulse rate can keep up with.

Forget the X-Factor, this adds a further XX to the action. Are you ready to make the choice between good and bad?


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