Even More Jackpot Winners at Betsson.com!

As you may know already if you’ve been reading our news, there have certainly been some huge jackpots given out at Betsson over the past year, and more recently, there have been even more!
Here’s a few stories from some of the biggest most-recent winners, to show what could happen to you at Betsson if luck’s on your side!
A 23-year-old woman in Germany became a millionaire by placing a bet on the Betsson app. The lady herself said the following:
“When I registered the account with Betsson, I downloaded the App right away. I received your message with the Mega Fortune promotion which sounded interesting, so my husband and I decided to give it a try after we put our children to sleep. And then the impossible happened! When we saw the jackpot we jumped around!” (quote from Betsson.com)
During July, a 29-year-old man, also from Germany, struck gold in Oily Business with just a €2.50 bet! Even more surprisingly, the player had only signed up to Betsson recently and was playing with his first deposit on the Betsson app when he won the jackpot.
He stated the following: “I was staring at my mobile then spoke to my girlfriend to tell her what happened and we still couldn’t believe it,” (quote from Betsson.com)
A 21-year-old Norwegian student was studying for an exam, and decided to take a break and open an account with Betsson using the 200% welcome bonus. That was a brilliant thing for her to do at the time, as this won her €22,000 from just a €2 bet on Mega Joker!
The lady descirbed the moment: “It was totally amazing. I didn’t understand how this was possible. €2, one bet, 3 seconds and then €21.665 richer. I planned to stay at home and study that day, not to win almost €22.000. I have to admit I didn’t study more that day”! (quote from Betsson)
These stories just show that anything can happen at Betsson, and that you never know when it is you turn to win the jackpot! Here are some of the hottest Jackpot games at Betsson right now:
  • Hall of Gods
  • Mega Fortune Dreams
  • Betsson Classics
  • Mega Fortune
Over the last 4 years Betsson have paid out more that €63,000,000 in jackpots - so just think of all of those lucky winners out there – that could be you! In these cases Betsson has changed the lives of these winners, however, even if you win a smaller amount, you still get to enjoy the thrills and excitement of the game. Join in the fun – sign up for an account today, take advantage of the welcome bonus and try your luck on the Jackpot Summer campaign or some of the other games available. For more information on the special Summer promotion, click here.
Lastly, we wish all of our Chipzup readers luck!

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