"Baby You're A Firework!"


Explosive Fun At have teamed up again with Betsoft Gaming to introduce a slots game that recreates the 4th July everytime you spin the 5 reels. This already looks like it will be the biggest and best online casino game of 2014, with its bold and vibrant colours, simple interface and addictive playability. Boomanji is introducing slot machine games to a whole new audience, as it catches the eye of many Facebook gamers and smartphone app store game players.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!!

Boomanji is a 5 reel, 10 win line video slots, incorperating the hypnotic sounds of a New Year Eve firework displays with the visuals of a Guy Fawkes party on Bonfire Night! This could almost be the most perfect slot machine game to play on a mobile device (BetSoft had this in mind with a joint mobile and desktop release), with its HD graphics and stunning visual dynamics making the most of the pixel processing power that modern smartphones and tablets have.

This is the most user-friendly slots game we at have played in a long time and very rewarding in its 96% player's return payout. The 'wild feature' offers 3 free respins on a single play, opening up even more win line opportunities. Boomanji is an almost perfect instant play game and it's very hard not to fall in love with those hypnotic visuals! Who doesn't love a good old fireworks display!

Forget One Direction!

Slots games generally pay out when the symbols are lined up left to right, but BetSoft have designed Boomanji to pay out on left to right and right to left symbol line ups. The central 3 reels also respin when the wild feature is activated, leading to lighting quick graphics to wizz those big reels around like Catherine Wheels. It should be noted that Boomanji has a higher payout ratio than other BetSoft created slots, due to the simple layout and minimal bonus features. It cuts quickly to chase of spinning and winning. Ultimately the simplicity of Boomanji may not appeal to hardcore spinners who are looking for lots of bonus features found in slots like Avalon II or The Dark Knight Rises, however each slots is as enjoyable as the player wants it to be and Boomanji is a sure fire hit around the web at the moment with glowing reviews and shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Light The Fuse

Stike the match, light the fuse and step back as the purple bomb, single firework, two fireworks, three fireworks, ka pow, mega boom and turbo bomb symbols shoot around the reels and explode with a boom! 

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