Avalon II


"The Holy Grail In 3D"


Welcome To Camelot

The epic sequel to the groundbreaking Avalon slots game is finally here and it is taking the online casino world by storm. Avalon II boasts 3D graphics which dazzle and sparkle in HD glory, as this 5 reel slot machine game deservingly takes its place in the Gaming Hall Of Fame right from the first spin.

Behind The Scenes

MicroGaming and CasinoEuro have created a breathtaking epic quest back into Camelot, akin to the ancient worlds explored in Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, allowing the player to fully delve into the character's skin in this strange, mystical and beguiling land. This is another fine example of how MicroGaming do 243 reel slots best, Avalon II: The Quest For The Grail is a treasure map jam packed with "X marks the spot" features ready to be unearthed. Stride side by side with Merlin, King Arthur and the Knights Of The Round Table around the Lake of Legend and through the Misty Vale and Dusky Moor, battling the mortal Black Knight foe.

Role Play - Pick A Character

Fans of Dungeons and Dragons, Talisman and other role play games are in for a treat in 2014 as the ancient ruins of fabled cities are free to be explored and new legends ready to be crowned.

What You Will Face In Battle

A 30 payline feature on Avalon II makes gameplay more interesting, as the Good Vs Evil classic tale rewards heroes with over £100,000 in payouts when playing at £7.50 per spin. Rolling Reels increase the free spin multiplier up to 6x and in the Whispering Woods players can see their stake mulitplied up to 160x! Take no shortcuts through the land dear adventurers, explore more bonus features, including the Expanding Wild bonus, the Lake Of Legend, Misty Vale and the Whispering Woods with their own unique rewards. The Forest Falls, Morgan's Keep, Hall of Shadows and the Isle of Avalon are plot points on the exciting journey to discover the fabled Holy Grail.

Don't be put off by the complexity of this game, its navigation is very intuitive and players can easily slope and slide through features with barely a scratch to their sheild. In 2014 when series 4 of Game Of Thrones is aired, historical time piece action is in vogue and Avalon II is leading the way with what can only be described as a breathtaking adventure awaiting all players.

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